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Why DogPawR

"3X" Triple ActionPain Relief

for Joint & Muscle Aches

Joints & Muscles Need More Than

Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Give Your Dog All the Nutrients

They Need

to Keep Joints & Muscles Healthy

and Repair Past Damage

Get Your Dog "DogPawR"

All Natural Supplements To Power Up

Your Dog for a Full, Active Life.


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what other Dog Lovers and their best friend have to say about DogPawR

My sweet "fur baby" Ami was diagnosed with Luxating Patella, commonly called "floating kneecap". She wasn't able to run and play or even run and jump into the swimming pool without her kneecap moving out of place and causing her to be in pain. It hurt so much that she would actually cry out and hold her leg up. I took her to the vet and they advised she'd need surgery to enlarge the groove that the patella fits into. I didn't want her to go through surgery, so I tried taking her for acupuncture and doggie chiropractic care. The holistic vet suggested I get her on a good bone and joint supplement, so I started her on DogPawR. Within a week of beginning the supplement Ami was getting around much better and able to exercise. Ami's no longer going for acupuncture or chiropractic treatment, but continues on the DogPawR everyday with great results. She likes the flavor so much that she doesn't like to eat her food without DogPawR being sprinkled on it. We are so glad that Ami can take a supplement and stay painfree and most of all avoid having surgery. Thanks so much for your product, you've been a lifesaver for Ami and I. Olivia.

Thank you so very much for giving my dog Zep great relief. He can go up and down stairs so strong for a dog 11 years old. He moves much looser and sometimes even runs around. Makes me feel better for Zep. I am looking forward to your new product. Zep will be on DogPawR Joint & Hip Powder for as long as he lives.

I have three dogs. One a German Shepherd/Rottweiler/Lab mix who is sixteen years old, a Golden Retriever who is nine and another Golden who is five. Monty(the old man) and Buddy the nine year old have taking Dog PawR for seven or eight months and they are running fools. It has definitely helped their mobility. They swim several times a week and Buddy has even started to retrieve which he did not when I got him two years ago. I do volunteer work at a local no kill shelter which is where my two Goldens came from and Monty also came from a shelter. Thank you DogPawR Jane Jackson

My 10 year Australian Shepherd had become nearly incapacitated over night. It was devastating to watch him in such pain. I was carrying him down the stairs of our deck, needless to say it was devastating for us both (as he's 50 lbs). Our Vet put him on a medication; however because he has congestive heart failure and liver issue, the side effects were too great to keep him on for more than a week. We had him on the maximum hydrocodone dose and had just started him on Dasoquin. Nothing was really making an impact on his pain and movement. I got desperate and started searching online for alternatives. On April 9th I received Dog PawR (order # AB-1050) and gave the first dose to my dog that day. Within three days, he was moving better and within a week, the difference was mind boggling. I still have him on pain medication, but reduced it this week and can see no negative impact since reducing it. In a few days I will reduce it again and I am confident the same result will occur! I have an appointment with the Vet next week and I'm going to take the product in an let her know that this is what has given quality of life to my baby. Pamela

Our 9 year old chocolate colored labrador, Zora, is a best friend to our whole family. She is so friendly and patient with kids and still as playful as a pup. Labradors are known to be prone to have hip problems and we try our very best to keep her in shape and watch her diet closely. However, she has a funny rear walk, and so we fear that one day, maybe, her hips might start to trouble her. Since she is really one of our best friends, we wanted to try out Dog PAWR, as soon as we find out about the product and just how it can save your dog and keep your dog from harm. Zora is in good shape now and we believe, with the help of DogPawR, shell stay in good shape.Thank you, DogPAWR. Maaike

Dear DogPawR, your product is amazing...My 13y old dog is running around like a
3y old...even better : she is licking down her plate...being the picky eater she is,
I wouldn't believe it unless I saw it happening...thanks for bringing our dog back !!

Rocky, my 6 year old PBGV was starting to limp and was diagnosed with bursitus. I ordered DogPawr Joint and Hip Complex because I didn't want to use pain meds. I haven't finished the first bottle and have already noticed an improvement in the limping and he seems to love the taste. I'm going to go in a order more now.

We have a 8 yr old border collie nmae Chipp. About a month ago he started limping in back end and couldnt get up our back deck steps. We tried everything to coax him in finally we had to get a towel and lift him in. He weighs over 130 lbs. Our grandson Britt and Chipp are inseparateable but it was hard for Chipp to keep up with him hed go so far and then just crash . I t was very sad. But he still tried to keep up with his buddy Britt. We started Chipp on you r joint and hip Complex and within 2 days he was climbing back up the stairs on our deck. He follows Britt all over again also. But he still cant do everything he used too but better. He always took his naps on our love seat he hasnt been up on that in 3 months now. But at least he is getting around better now. We are on our 3rd bottle. He still likes to tease the rabbits in their cages also. Thank you. and Britt says a big Thank You

Lefty & Hamlet (GSP and Yellow Lab), my two wonderful & devoted aging boys have both been suffering from joint soreness & arthritis during the past couple of years. These conditions were getting progressively worse & other than liver-destroying meds, I could only give them aspirin for relief. Thanks to DogPawR, they both not only *love* their meals, but I actually see their energy levels & stability maintaining without the use of aspirin...!! Thank you for helping the boys age more gracefully!

My 14 yr old GSD Cheyenne went down with Hip Displasia 4 yrs ago. She has done fairly well but is starting to have problems again. I think it is starting to cause her pain. I have tried so many supplements that haven't not given her relief. I came across DogPawR and thought I would give it a try. She is my angel so I will try anything that will help her. Otherwise is a healthy ole gal!! Cindy

My dog Canyon is 15 years old, and we were thinking of putting him to sleep because his hips were so sore, and he fell a couple times. He was struggling to stand up, and could no longer balance himself to go to the bathroom. Then I read online about Dog PawR, and decided to try it. Within a week he was moving better, alot more steady, and seemed to not be in pain! Its been 4 months now, and he is doing sooooo much better! I know he is old, and will never be able to run again, but this stuff has saved our dog, and he seems happy again! we are so glad he's not suffering! We feel better knowing we dont have to have him put to sleep, and when his time is up, it will just be peacefully because of old age. Kim


DogPawRTM Joint & Hip Complex

  • Now you have more control over your dog’s comfort than you think
  • New, all natural, safe solution for dog joint discomfort
  • Developed by a Veterinarian
  • No Prescription, No Side Effects – how refreshing
  • So powerful that your dog’s movement is visibly improved in just weeks**
  • No pills, easy to feed, Dogs go crazy for the roast beef flavor
  • All in one, Complete Formula with Joint Protein
  • Easy to dose for small to large dogs
  • Also benefits skin, brain, eyes, and heart
  • Gentle to the stomach
  • Made in USA

**In just 1 week 51% of DogPawR customers noticed an obvious reduction in discomfort,

by 4 weeks 99% of all dogs greatly improved.



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